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Sketch exchange/challenge with gakidama; my version of his sketch. September 2014

Commission for DeviantArt user HinataFox790. Simple shading, halfbody couple shot. Reference for pose was given by commissioner.

July 2014.


This is a new iteration, the list has been scrapped for the old ‘reblog and’ post.

Reblog this post to your art blog, and I will give you feedback on the content of your blog. I’ll tell you what works, what needs improvement, and how you might go about making those improvements. I will not discriminate based on genre, media, or aesthetic, everyone will be evaluated on their own terms.

Selection will be based on the order that people reblogged the post in, and the post will be tagged with the artist’s url for their convenience. PLEASE make sure you reblog TO YOUR ART BLOG. Reblog the ORIGINAL POST from Starving Artist’s Sage Advice, this makes things less complicated for me! DO NOT LIKE THE POST IN ORDER TO BE CRITIQUED, THIS WILL NOT PUT YOU IN LINE TO BE CRITIQUED. THANK YOU. The critique will cover the body of your work. If you’d rather I critique a specific piece, please submit it to the blog with what you’d like to have feedback on as an image file.

Palette challenge doodle, June 2014

Eren Jaeger, sketch —> messy lines (clean sketch), March 2014

Some Eren Sketches, March 2014

Sketch cropped from bigger canvas, March 2014

Commission Finished February, 2014

January 2014, Adobe Photoshop CS5

February 2014